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Meeting Tues 12/1/09

Meeting on Tuesday 12/1/09 at Plainview Public Library.

Join us for a meeting with the CSA to go over the status of Nassau TEA organization, plans for rally in support of 911 families in NYC on 12/5 and strategies for political campaigns in 2010.

Who: Conservative Society for Action, Nassau TEA Party

What: Planning and Strategy Session

When: Tues.  12/1/09,  7:30pm



In any rational world Cap and Tax would now be dead!

A hacker broke into a server at University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and pirated megabytes of emails, files, and other electronic evidence that point to probable fraud in the whole Global Warming/Climate Change clique of ‘scientists’.

The story broke at Watts Up With That and quickly spread across the blogosphere.

An excellent review of many of the emails is here.

Even the New York Times has a story.

And the Washington Post.

But for more on what Global WarmingGate means click here!

Update: Weather Channel founder and 30,000 scientists to sue Al Gore!!

A Rogues Gallery of the Hoax Perpetrators follows: Continue Reading »

Very interesting news coming out about the computer glitches in the NY 23 race between Doug Hoffman and Bob Owens.

A virus infected some of the machines in one district.  Other districts were not informed or warned to check their machines.  The software used in the voting machines is from a company controlled by Venezuelan marxist Hugo Chavez.

Now isn’t that peachy keen.  I’m sure old Hugo knows ALL ABOUT running a fair election.  Yeah, Sure.

The story gets curiouser and curiouser all the time!

More here and here.


Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots were among the hundreds waiting for the first Sarah Palin book signing in Grand Rapids!

They waited outside in the cold pre-dawn hours for the Bus to arrive.

And then a Sarah Party broke out! Continue Reading »

An election loss can be fatal!

And in other bad news, the recount appears to have Ed Mangano in the lead by 1,000 votes!

This week brought two significant actions by the left wing thugs in their attempt to force socialism and the destruction of America down our throats.

First was the assault on two Tea Party Patriots who attempted to take video and photos of an ANSWER coalition pro-illegal immigration gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The ANSWER announcement of their rally was an incitement to violence against Tea Party members who were staging an anti-illegal immigration rally.  It used terms such as ‘smash’, ‘tea baggers’, take the streets’, ‘fight the racists’, ‘shut down’, ‘fascist’, ‘white supremacist’ and ‘beat back’.  With descriptors like these is it any wonder that they were looking for an excuse to fight?

The second action was an attempt by SEIU to intimidate Senator Lieberman of CT:

Senator Lieberman has been staunch in his opposition to the nationalized healthcare plan approved by the House of Representatives.

Having their thugs congregate outside his home in the dark of night to chant is another of their despicable tactics.

For more on the Ft. Lauderdale violence.

For more on the Connecticut Protest.

The insurgents are winning!

After the first day of counting, Ed Mangano’s lead over Tom Suozzi grew to 554 votes from 459.  Republican George Maragos opened a 1019 vote lead over incumbent Howard Weitzman.

Doug Hoffman on the Glenn Beck Radio Show was asked if he is unconceeding.  He agrees.

Audio is here.

The recanvassing has lowered the margin between he and Bob Owens from 5,000+ to ledd than 3,000 votes before absentee ballots are counted.

More here.

SEIU president Andy Stern has been nailed for illegal lobbying.

More here.


An object lesson in how to effect political change:

From Tony Warren a Precinct Committeeman in Nevada

Nevada just had it’s elections for GOP Leadership. As a PC, It was my duty and great pleasure to drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to Hawthorn Nevada, along with our other delegates, to Represent Clark County. Our approved slate of candidates swept the elections and we now control the entire State. No RINO was left standing. Everyone of them has been moved out of our way. Every change to the State Party bylaws we didn’t approve of was voted down. It was a complete and total VICTORY for the grassroots conservatives in Nevada.

Now keep in mind that our little plan Plan to take over the GOP and our PC program was started by about 30 members about 6 months ago. Who was saying this will take a long time? Who was thinking this would be to ambitious, impossible and that the powers that be would never allow this to happen? We have proven every critic WRONG. This can be done! We did it! You and your County and State can do it too.

Read the whole thing here.

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