Congresswoman Slaughter NY 28 giggles while the Constitution Burns

Congress Health Care

To uproarious laughter and gleeful applause, Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter, D-NY, powerful chairwoman of the House Rules Committee, candidly admitted to a packed, post-victory, closed-door gathering of fellow Democrats that, in fact, she had not actually read H.R. 3962, the 1990-page health care bill her party managed to pass tonight in a close vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ms. Slaughter, who represents New York’s 28th Congressional District and voted ‘Aye’ on the legislation, made her startling admission in the middle of a lengthy toast she was giving to those lucky enough to be packed wall-to-wall partying inside H-208, the House Ways and Means Committee conference room, located just yards off the House floor where less than an hour earlier the hard-fought bill had passed 220-215.

On the room’s long conference table was arrayed food and punch for the post-victory revelers, and Ms. Slaughter raised her cup in a crowd-pleasing speech as she savored her party’s victory.

I confess, I didn’t read the bill!

In the middle of that oration, and comfortable amongst those she knew to be friends, she paused for just an instant, almost as if she knew she shouldn’t say that which she was about to say, and then blurted out, “I confess, I didn’t read the bill!”

The crowd of cohorts roared gleefully its appreciation at the apparent frankness of the respected chairlady’s remark.

Isn’t that just…precious?  Giggle away Ms. Slaughter in the end the people will have the last laugh.

Read the whole thing here.



    In the immortal words of George Washington Plunkitt, “What’s the constitution among friends?”

  2. “Geez Louise” also wouldn’t hold in person town hall meetings on health care legislation either, remarking:

    I’m not doing town meetings. I’m not going to give those people a forum. I went through it with the Clinton health care bill, with the John Birch Society where we had to have police around and people were hysterically crying, I’m not, and frankly to tell you the truth Ron, my own dignity and the dignity of the office I hold is important to me, uh and I know what that is. It’s not a spontaneous uprising of my constituents. I, I’ve, I’ve got the best relationship with my constituents than anybody could ever imagine.

    Talk about the epitome of liberal elitist!

    Let’s not ever forget that “Geez Louise” accompanied Nancy Pelosi (aka “Burka girl”) on the trip to the Mid-East and Syria back in April of 2007.

    We need to vote her out of the NY 28th in 2010!

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