Mangano Takes Lead in Nassau County Recount!

Could this be the end for the Suozzi publicity machine?

Ed Mangano

After the first day of recounting votes from Election Day, Nassau County Executive GOP candidate Ed Mangano leads incumbent Tom Suozzi by 24 votes.

The number is small but could paint a troubling scenario for Suozzi, who is seeking a third term in office.

According to sources the votes counted were from the 14th Legislative District, where Democratic Legislator Dave Mejias is also hoping the recount puts him on top of his challenger Republican Joe Belesi, Long Beach and most of Suozzi’s hometown of Glen Cove.

More here and here!

In other news, rumors are flying that Roger Bogsted’s days as chairman of the Nassau Conservative Party may be numbered after he pushed for Steve Hansen to run as a spoiler in the county executive race in a bald attempt to throw the race to Suozzi.  Hansen’s votes, if combined with Mangano’s could easily have secured victory for Mangano without a recount.  Both Bogsted and Hansen work in the Consumer Affairs Department of Nassau County and their boss is none other than Tom Suozzi.  Can you say conflict of interest?


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