Deneen Borelli – A Tea Party Patriot You Should Know

Here she is speaking at the 912 March on Washington:

Deneen Borelli is a Fellow with Project 21, a network of black conservatives which is an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research, a national public policy group based in Washington, D.C.  Her bio is here.

She has also contributed many articles on The Rochester Conservative.

For her efforts on behalf of the founding ideals of our nation she is pilloried by the left.

Here she is again cool under fire from lefties on CNBC:

Conservative blacks have the toughest time of all in the Tea Party movement.  They are ridiculed and insulted by other blacks, branded as sell outs, Uncle Toms, House Negroes or Negresses by white (and black) lefties.  They are the ones in this country truly bearing the brunt of racism and it is all coming from the left.

Deneen Borelli NYC Tea Party

Deneen Borelli, you get our thanks for your courageous stand.


  1. rochesterveteran

    Rev. Dr. Tommy Davis is who first introduced me to Deneen and he’s also a black conservative who’s been vilified as an “Uncle Tom” and “race turn coat”. It takes courage to stand up for one’s beliefs in the face of the back-lash that occurs when one doesn’t toe the liberal, “victim” line that’s perpetuated by the Democrats. Don’t these people realize that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican and that Republicans were the party of emancipation?

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