Republicans and the Tea Party Movement


The Republican Party has finally wakened to the energy and success of the Tea Party movement.  Some see us as allies in the effort to take back America, others see us as a tool to be used to ensure they can grab back power and go on with life as it was before.  The latter path leads the way to failure, both for Republicans and for ourselves.

We who have banded together, from disparate backgrounds and experience, are not tools of the Republican party to be used as needed and discarded as the immediate objective is met.

The recent election fiasco in NY 23 should serve as a stark warning to the highest levels in the GOP.  We are NOT for sale.  We will fight on principle against all comers, Democrats or RINOs, to ensure the freedoms and liberties reserved to us in our Constitution are preserved against ALL attacks.  Sometimes that will mean a scorched earth policy as in NY 23, other times it will be more productive.

We were warned by the founding fathers that we would need to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Over the years this warning has been forgotten or obscured by a steady trickle of small attacks which, by themselves, were nothing that a vast majority of the people could rebel against.

Like death by a thousand cuts these attacks have mounted until they present the stage where those, who consider the Constitution to be an impediment, feel free to attempt to circumvent it altogether with an onslaught of attacks in every conceivable area.

To the opportunistic politician it will be seen as a time to bend a little, promise some tax cuts, rail against the opposition for their free spending ways and hope to secure a position for themselves where they are in charge of that spending.  Then we will get the standard excuses “I worked soo hard trying to cut”, you know the songs I don’t need to repeat them.

That attitude will be the kiss of death.

The Tea Party movement is NOT just about taxes, although taxes are a major part.

The Tea Party movement IS about freedom.  Freedom from government intrusion into every aspect of our daily lives from toilets to healthcare.  Freedom from the dictates of faceless empire building bureaucrats in a bloated government.  Freedom from fear for ourselves and our families from terrorist attacks both here and abroad, now and in the future.  Freedom from taxes whose sole purpose is to feed and increase that government bureaucracy and the radical left wing organizations that serve only to attack the foundations of our republic.  Freedom from propaganda spewed endlessly by so-called news organizations which do nothing to report news, but do a great deal of evangelizing for those who would enslave us all.

Anyone who does not get it, and tries to use the power of the Tea Party for their own purposes is playing with fire.


  1. I concur. Most Americans have been herded into a group of passives known as the “Sheeple”. Thank God for those of us who broke free… the Tea Party Movement! Just hope it aint too late…. been to the grocery store lately? $$$

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