Lou Dobbs Quits CNN – What is his path to the future?

Veteran CNN Anchor and commentator Lou Dobbs has been released from his contract and is charting a new course for the future.

He cites the following issues:

  • Winds of Change in country
  • Urged by others to go beyond broadcasting
  • Growth of Middle Class (or not)
  • Creation of Jobs (or lack thereof)
  • Immigration Policy
  • Climate Change
  • War in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Weakened Capitalist Society
  • Lack of true representation in Washington, DC
  • Partisan Ideology v. Rigorous empirical examination

“I will strive to be a leader in that conversation.”

Welcome to the Tea Party movement, Lou!


  1. alaskanangle

    We could use someone like Lou.

    Guess he realized no one is watching CNN anymore.

    Can you hear us Anderson Cooper!

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