Mangano Widens Lead

UpdateThree County Legislator District s are also being recounted!

Things are looking grim for the Suozzi team.  They may have to dredge the swamp for more votes…


All the recanvassing of voting machines is complete and Ed Mangano’s lead now stands at 497 votes over incumbent Tom Suozzi.  This is BEFORE the absentee ballots are opened!  Absentee ballot counting will begin November 16th.

More here.

UpdateThe three county legislature districts being recounted are:

  • 5th – Browne v. Scannell
  • 7th – Kopel v. Toback
  • 14th – Belesi v. Mejias


    I like the photo. Glad to see that Tom has some marketable skill. After all, we wouldn’t want him, nor his family, to become wards of the state after he leaves office. 🙂

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