Notice Anything Wrong Here? Census 2010

I happened to come across a laminated card with a calendar on the back which advertised the 2010 census.


What immediately struck my eye was that the flag of the United States was not on the card.

Instead it had the flag of Puerto Rico?  Why?  It’s not like the card was printed in Spanish.

Is it just not cool to display the U.S. Flag?

Leave your thoughts in the comments


  1. Mary Ellen Tkatch

    Well it’s another exaqmple of the blantant disregard of the United States & it’s flag!

  2. I think it’s just another example of a bonehead liberal artist that has been assigned to produce a patriotic logo , who has no real experience in patriotism.
    Probably has no idea that his design is a Puerto Rico flag.

    Not intentionally devious, just ignorant and complacent in his ignorance.

    That’s what I think,

  3. Mickey

    Ditto to all of the above !!!

    However, I would return the “Census Card Reminder” back to sender, with the remarks that I will NOT respond to or participate in, the “US CENSUS” until such time as the “CENSUS BUREAU” places the AMERICAN FLAG Upon it’s literature !!!!

  4. Rhoda Brodsky

    I agree about returning this card with remarks about placing the American Flag upon it. Whoever does not know what the American Flag looks like should not be designing this card.

    also perhaps it is a deliberate message: The Spanish are Coming and Growing in population !

  5. gary

    Remember the Alamo. I think history may have to repeated again. I feel as a Vietnam Veteran all that gave up their lives for the Country and Flag .

  6. Herb

    If the Census Taker comes to our doors and THAT false image of our beloved Old Glory should appear on ANY of his/her documents, it is our honor-bound duty to refuse to cooperate with them! I am a veteran of the Korea War, and I sure as Hell did NOT serve under the rag depicted on that laminated card, as shown above; therefore, I will REFUSE to answer ANY of their questions.

  7. Barbara Pistole

    This is terrible. Where has the pride gone. Our present administration is making fools of us and it is about time we stand up and say “No more”. Write everyone you can think of to put a stop to this messing around with our rights.

  8. Celtic1888

    Last I heard, Puerto Rico was part of the US.

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