Conservatives Take Over Nevada GOP


An object lesson in how to effect political change:

From Tony Warren a Precinct Committeeman in Nevada

Nevada just had it’s elections for GOP Leadership. As a PC, It was my duty and great pleasure to drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to Hawthorn Nevada, along with our other delegates, to Represent Clark County. Our approved slate of candidates swept the elections and we now control the entire State. No RINO was left standing. Everyone of them has been moved out of our way. Every change to the State Party bylaws we didn’t approve of was voted down. It was a complete and total VICTORY for the grassroots conservatives in Nevada.

Now keep in mind that our little plan Plan to take over the GOP and our PC program was started by about 30 members about 6 months ago. Who was saying this will take a long time? Who was thinking this would be to ambitious, impossible and that the powers that be would never allow this to happen? We have proven every critic WRONG. This can be done! We did it! You and your County and State can do it too.

Read the whole thing here.

More here.


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