The Left Ratchets Up Attacks and Intimidation

This week brought two significant actions by the left wing thugs in their attempt to force socialism and the destruction of America down our throats.

First was the assault on two Tea Party Patriots who attempted to take video and photos of an ANSWER coalition pro-illegal immigration gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The ANSWER announcement of their rally was an incitement to violence against Tea Party members who were staging an anti-illegal immigration rally.  It used terms such as ‘smash’, ‘tea baggers’, take the streets’, ‘fight the racists’, ‘shut down’, ‘fascist’, ‘white supremacist’ and ‘beat back’.  With descriptors like these is it any wonder that they were looking for an excuse to fight?

The second action was an attempt by SEIU to intimidate Senator Lieberman of CT:

Senator Lieberman has been staunch in his opposition to the nationalized healthcare plan approved by the House of Representatives.

Having their thugs congregate outside his home in the dark of night to chant is another of their despicable tactics.

For more on the Ft. Lauderdale violence.

For more on the Connecticut Protest.


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