Global Warming Hoax Reaches Critical Mass

In any rational world Cap and Tax would now be dead!

A hacker broke into a server at University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and pirated megabytes of emails, files, and other electronic evidence that point to probable fraud in the whole Global Warming/Climate Change clique of ‘scientists’.

The story broke at Watts Up With That and quickly spread across the blogosphere.

An excellent review of many of the emails is here.

Even the New York Times has a story.

And the Washington Post.

But for more on what Global WarmingGate means click here!

Update: Weather Channel founder and 30,000 scientists to sue Al Gore!!

A Rogues Gallery of the Hoax Perpetrators follows:

Michael Mann, Professor of Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University

Phil Jones, Professor at University of East Anglia

Keith Briffa, Researcher at University of East Anglia

Tim Osborn, Researcher at University of East Anglia

Tom Wigley, Researcher at National Center for Atmospheric Research

Jonathon Overpeck, Co-director of the Institute for Environment and Society at the University of Arizona

Ben Santer, Researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Grant Foster, American Association of Variable Star Observers


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