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The Cato Institute examines Barack Obama’s claims:

Worth the time to watch!

And here’s a great critique from PhantomLord at Rochester Conservative!

Justice Samuel Alito mouths his response to Barack Obama’s allegation that the Supreme Court decision that vacated the campaign finance law against free speech will open a floodgate of political contributions by foreign corporations.

This from the man whose presidential campaign configured his donation software so that foreigners could and did illegally contribute to his campaign!

Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin discuss it here:

More here and here!


Lungren: Justice Alito is Right; President’s Statement on Court Decision is Not True

The Ranking Republican on the Committee on House Administration Says Justice Alito is Right; Court Decision Doesn’t Open Floodgates for Foreign Spending in U.S. Elections

WASHINGTON – Today, the Committee on House Administration’s Ranking Republican Dan Lungren, R-Calif., issued the following statement on the President’s false assumption that the recent United States Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission will open the floodgates for foreign spending in U.S. elections:

“Justice Alito is correct.  The assumption that the Court’s recent decision will open the floodgates for foreign spending in U.S. elections is simply not true.  Since the Court’s decision to overturn unconstitutional restrictions on free speech, there has been a substantial amount of misinformation disseminated by Democrats in an attempt to scare the American electorate into supporting their attempts to stifle political speech.

“It’s time to set the record straight.  The Court’s decision did not – in any way, shape or form – impact existing rules and regulations that specifically prohibit foreign nationals from directly or indirectly contributing to election activity.  The legal prohibitions on foreign involvement in U.S. elections are broad, clear and completely intact.

“Instead of spreading misinformation in the hopes of silencing political free speech, Democrats should focus on solving the real problems plaguing American families.”

I think they are basically calling the President a liar, what do you think?

Even CBS comes close to Calling the President a Liar!

This should be required reading for Nassau County Republicans:

As much as liberals have tried to write it off as an artificial movement — “Astro-turf,” they have said — you just can’t fake a Republican victory in Massachusetts. The Tea Party Movement, named after the now-famous rant offered up by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, is the real thing when it comes to political movements.

It was born spontaneously as a reaction to left-wing economic policy. It currently enjoys the kind of following that no single leader on the Right could possibly command, and certainly no one in the corporate world.

There are no words to describe the tone deaf action of the new Nassau County Legislature in voting itself and its officers a huge pay increase as their first major act!

Voting yourself a 42% pay raise when you haven’t demonstrated at all that you can perform the tasks that the people elected you to get done is the epitomy of hubris.

If they had waited until they had trimmed the size of county government, had gotten out of control spending under control, had reduced taxes to stimulate business, then we might not have objected.  But they have done none of these things.  Yet they think they deserve a raise?

This is why we need to nominate our own candidates for office.  You just can’t trust the Nassau County Republican machine.

There is a protest and news conference taking place right now outside the Legislature’s offices.  We will report on it as reports become available.

Ed Mangano should speak out against this outrage!

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The idea is so ludicrous I almost thought it was a jokeWho in their right mind could trust them?

Darleen, writing at Protein Wisdom, vents on the subject:

Bite me, Democrats.

Read the whole thing here.  Warning! Graphic Language!

We knew this already, but now the press and the media are catching on.

From today’s NY Post:

Besides Sen.-elect Scott Brown, the big winner from Tuesday’s stunning upset victory in Massachusetts is the so-called Tea Party movement — grassroots activism sparked by out-of-control federal spending.

Tea Parties popped up around the country last spring, bringing together ordinary folks appalled by the fiscal profligacy on display in Washington.

At first, the mainstream media largely ignored the Tea Party gatherings. Then came the laughter and the smarmy epithet, “teabaggers.”

Next, liberals attacked Tea Party-goers as extremists or racists or neo-Nazis.

While all this went on, the Tea Party folks kept on organizing.

Today’s question:

Who wouldn’t want to Dump Chucky?

Is he feeling nervous yet?  Maybe he should read some poll results!

A little-noticed number in last week’s Marist College poll on the Gillibrand-Ford situation suggests that Sen. Charles Schumer’s national profile could be affecting his approval rating at home.

The poll had Schumer’s negative rating at 42 percent, where it has been for months in Marist — but his approval rating was at 51 percent, one of his lowest in that survey in recent years, and down from 58 percent in September.

“We’re seeing some general erosion in his numbers,” said Marist pollster Lee Miringoff, “from what’s been a consistent mid- to high-50s. This is an electorate that’s increasingly unhappy.”

Insiders say Schumer is watching the national trend for any implications for himself — and in a clear signal of anxiety, he was one of the first out of the box with a statement after the Massachusetts election acknowledging the anger among voters at the ruling party.

Now if we can only find a good candidate!

Read the whole thing here!

Congratulations to the family of Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts!

A hard fought campaign came to a dramatic and successful climax this evening as Massachusetts voters turned out overwhelmingly for Scott Brown.  Through all of the early returns Brown led by 5 to 7%.  When it became apparent that Boston and the other heavily liberal areas were not turning out in the numbers she needed, Marcia Coaxley threw in the towel and conceded the race.

This is another big win for the Tea Party Patriots from across the nation who led the drives to get support up to Massachusetts.  Volunteers from across the northeast and beyond swarmed to the Bay State and dumped more than a million dollars a day into Scott Brown’s campaign in the last week.  The Tea Party movement knew what was at stake and went all out to win this one.

Now it is time to start working the November campaigns and push for a new awakening in America!

Special thanks to New Yorker, Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection for his tireless reporting of this race!

Thank you to everyone who contributed $41 and more to the Brown Campaign, and who traveled to Massachusetts to walk the districts, or did phone calls from home!  Your time, efforts and contributions paid off big time!

If the other Senators hold, then we just put the roadblock in front of the socialism steamroller of Congress.

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Scott Brown to Obama: Would you like me to drive the truck down to Washington so you can see it?:


Apoplectic, he tries to get in every slur and derogatory word his poor addled mind can think of:

Poor widdle Keith has a problem with Tea Partiers…

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