America Rising 2010

This says it all


  1. Stuart in GN

    We’ve had enough, now let’s throw them out.

  2. Pam


    • nycoordinator

      We are rapidly organizing throughout Long Island.
      We are going to try to sweep the socialists out in 2010.

      • Deighton

        I am from long island and have been a part of mommy patriots since the summer and the 912 project. How do I get involved with Nassau Tea party

  3. christine

    I am a mother from keeseville ny and would be willing to travel down to Nassau for the chance to be a part of such a good movement in protest to what seems to me to be an obvious”Socialistic Agenda”..!!!!

  4. bpwells

    Wow! There are enough of us who “see the problem” that if we all stand up and shout our concerns, we CAN make the people who are ruining our America…go away by getting them out of office. I’m sure there are lots of legal authorities in “our midst” who know legal ways to help us get these people out of office quick! I am from Florida, but that doesn’t matter. We are all in this together. If someone was mistreating your child, your family… you would react, you would defend. Our country is being run with bribes, dishonesty and personal gain decision making. Well our country is ours and it is being mistreated! Lets everyone go an extra mile for defending it. While our family and friends in the military are putting their lives on the line for us, we, here at home… need to do our part and defend the homeland and keep our government safe from the arrogant and uncaring people who call themselves our leaders. Call it meetings, call it demonstrations, but we have to band together all over America in order to get back control of our country. Freedom is not free, you have to defend it! Don’t sit back and leave it for someone else to do… “The squeaky wheel gets attention”..SO, GET TOGETHER NOW… JUST DO IT! BEFORE THERE IS NO LONGER AN AMERICA AND ITS CONSTITUTION! THE WOLVES ARE SCRATCHING AT THE DOOR!

  5. Ron Poedtke

    We all hve the right idea and the ball is starting to move.
    We really need a leader to rally around so we can get some direction.
    Keep the ball rolling so right thinking Americans don’t feel like they’re all alone.

  6. HerdBro

    Way to go Jack Cafferty! FINALLY!

    NOW you are seeing what we have seen all along!

    Please! Take the Koolade away from the rest of CNN!

  1. 1 Jack Cafferty Rips Nancy Pelosi! « Nassau TEA Party

    […] Jack should watch this video! […]

  2. 2 Patriots Protest Congressman Ackerman 01/08/10 « Nassau TEA Party

    […] Remember the Date:  November 2, 2010. […]

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