Massachusetts Miracle Coming?

Keep up the fight!

h/t Atlas Shrugs


  1. HerdBro

    A rare glimpse of sanity in an insane world …

    If he is elected, I for one willl not be surprised. It was only a matter of time before America rose up and took back our government from those “progressives” who are nothing but throwbacks to a failed system of government.

    Hey! Communism only murdered 200 million people! Let’s give it another chance?


    Vote for ANYTHING but more Socialist at the trough.

    Limit terms! No one should make congress or the Senate a career. It is an HONOR to serve, not a right to a life of voting oneself huge pensions, perks and payrolls.

    Form a new, viable third party! Shake off the chains of those who have hijacked both parties and let’s get back to WE THE PEOPLE!

  2. Mickey

    The nude photo of Scott Brown when he was 18 and in school, didb’t seem to make much difference to voters.

    Now if we can only find a current photo of Nancy Pelosi naked, even Charlie Manson could win her seat in Congress. (Not to mention even dogs vomiting in the streets)


  1. 1 Democrat Party Sinks to New 9-11 Low « Gathering of Eagles: NY

    […] To support Scott Brown against the people who would dare smear the heroes of 9-11 go here. […]

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