Patriots Protest Carolyn McCarthy 1/15/10

Patriots from the Nassau Queens 912 Group, Gathering of Eagles, Conservative Society for Action, Nassau County Civic Association and others joined to ask “Where is Our Congresswoman” on Friday morning!

Mickey of the Rockville Centre Tea Party wrote this:

McCarthy has been the proverbial “Parrot” of the Democratic Party and more recently the “Puppet ” of “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi”, dancing to every piece of Legislation Dictated by Pelosi and the White House gaggle of Marxist luminaries which seem to multiply at an alarming rate.

Of course, as has been the case in the MANY times we have visited McCarthy’s Garden City and Washington DC Offices, Madam McCarthy has NOT been there to speak with us, nor has she scheduled ANY “Town Hall Meetings” in which to listen to what we feel are legitimate questions regarding her blind support of President Obama’s “unread” Health Care Legislation, lack of “Transparency”, Behind Door Meetings, outrageous support of Obama and Holder’s contemptuous ruling of the 9-11 plotters to hold  their civil trial in NY City, and other matters which Millions of Tea Party people across  the nation vehemently oppose.

Mickey continues:

We have continually written Letters, Fax’s, E-Mails, made phone calls to McCarthy’s Offices and have in return received letters on her positions which are standardized and have nothing to do with answering the questions that have been posed to her.

So we ask: “WHERE IS CAROLYN McCARTHY ???????” Obviously she  gets a pay-check from the Government to represent us, but fails to sit in council with any, except those who agree with her. This is hardly representative of the Democracy we all believed we live under. Since McCarthy is only representing a small portion of the voters in the 4th CD, the remaining voters have no representation in Washington. Having said that, “We the People” demand that in 2010, a new Congressman replace McCarthy with an individual who will represent ALL Voters of the 4th CD.

More pictures are here!

Here is video from the last search for Carolyn McCarthy in August:

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