Andrzejewski, Walesa and Rush try to make it a real race

From one of our favorite pundits, Katie O’Malley:

After Scott Brown’s upset senate victory in Massachusetts, everyone — left and right — is left wondering how big an omen it is for November. In the Tuesday Republican primary for the Illinois governor’s race, Adam Andrzejewski may provide the answer.

The importance of the ACORN story last summer proved that conservatives have begun to break the mainstream media’s stranglehold on political news. The visual confirmation — distributed virally by alternate media willing to expose it, provided proof of ACORN’s deep-seated corruption. Bringing the story out invigorated both mainstream conservatives and Tea Party activists.

Scott Brown’s victory has had the same effect.  Activists saw that a solid candidate, one that focuses on core principles, could win even in a blue state. The race for Governor in Illinois, and February 2nd’s Republican primary, has become the next battle for the blue.

Read the whole thing here!


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