Pamela Geller Defends Sarah Palin on Joy Behar Show

The media lefties have been having a gloating session over the fact that Sarah Palin wrote some notes in the palm of her hand during her visit at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

On the Joy Behar Show, Ron Reagan and Stephanie Miller joined Joy in bashing Sarah Palin, but Pamela Geller stood fast for Palin giving as good as she got!

My favorite Geller line: “The Left is crawling all over this like maggots on dead meat!

You go girl!

I also found Stephanie Millers remark that the “all the answers that your producers wrote have melted” to be quite revealing!

In the meantime, Sarah Palin mocked the lefty onslaught herself by writing her own message of “Hi Mom” on her palm during an appearance with Texas Governor Rick Perry!

Monica Crowley gets the meaning of “Hi Mom” exactly right!


  1. roadmaster

    I just about spit my drink all over the living room when Monica said that. It was great.
    Side note – every time I see Colmes on The Factor, I can see why Fox dumped him. What a toadying sycophant and mindless shill he is for anything dhimmicrat or Obama.

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