Tea Party Declares War on Bill Owens (NY-23)

The Upstate New York Tea Party has declared all out political war on Bill Owens who won the congressional seat for the NY 23rd District in a special election after the Republican party totally botched their candidate selection process last fall.

The resulting mayhem with the Republican candidate dropping out and endorsing the Democrat candidate cost Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate, strongly endorsed and supported by Tea Party Patriots from across the U.S., to narrowly lose the election.

At a press conference in Plattsburgh, Mark Barie, of UNYTEA, referring to Democrat Bill Owens said:

“Since he first took office, Mr. Owens has yet to meet a big spending bill that he didn’t like”

“The congressman’s willingness to contribute to our nation’s $1.75 trillion debt is troublesome, but the objects of his extravagant spending are even more disturbing.”

“Today, the Upstate New York Tea Party declares political war on Congressman Bill Owens, a man who campaigned as a champion for fiscal responsibility but after just 100 days in office completely abandoned the principles of good government and common sense”

Read the whole thing here.


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