The Recession’s Fat Cats: Government Employees

This recession has some winners among all the losers.  Government employees, now more than half the workforce, are experiencing a rather balmy outlook while prospects for the private sector, the wealth generating sector, look particularly bleak.

Veronique de Rugy writes:

From January 2009 to January 2010, plummeting employment has been concentrated in the private sector. During the time period examined, employment in the private sector decreased by 3.5% while employment within government decreased by 0.5%….

Since January 2009, employment has decreased in the private sector at an average rate of 0.3% each month; this is 6 times faster than employment has decreased in government…

By the way, public-sector employees are also the ones benefiting from the stimulus funding, not the private-sector employees. The job-creation data reveals that most of the jobs were “created or saved” in the public sector….

I would love to see the Tea Party Movement get jazzed up about this and expose the stimulus bill for what it is: A job creating machine for the public sector.

Read the whole thing here at Big Government!

From the comments:

Government jobs to keep. Department of Defense, FBI, DEA, CIA (under new management). Everyone else. Clean out your desks. You are fired.

And now: Yet Another Unexpected Private Sector Round of Layoffs!

Meanwhile:  States Sink in Benefits Hole!


  1. government jobs are still the best when it comes to job security `:*

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