Tea Party Back On The Street!

Taking to the street again, Tea Party Patriots from across Long Island joined up at a new location in Nassau County to protest any attempt to ram Obamacare through Congress via the Reconciliation trick!

This sign summed up the crowd’s sentiments toward their elected officials!

All of them came in for derision!

These signs sum up the general feeling:

And a heartfelt plea:

And a response!

Congressional Candidate Dan Maloney challenges Carolyn McCarthy to debate!

But, alas, McCarthy remains among the missing!

Lots more photos here!

Newsday even had a brief report here.

Come join us next Saturday at 2pm at the southeast corner of Old Country Road and Glen Cove Road as we once again take to the streets to stop the Obamacare Express!


  1. Keep up your great work! It’s great to see you out there protesting in the bitter cold.

  2. it was a great turnout. Not too cold if you dressed warm. Been there done that, so this time I did dress warm enough.

  3. Mickey

    It was a GREAT DAY !!! A tad on the breezy side, but the Sun shone bright and a wee cooler than the Sun would indicate. But we made our point and had a great time in the company of fellow PATRIOTS !!!!

    We had one of our Founding Fathers watching us from the pedestal behind us. BEN FRANKLIN’S statue was in the background from when the property was owned by Franlikn National Bank. It couldn’t have been more appropriate and I’m sure Old ben was as proud of us, as we are of him.

    Thanks for the turnout folks !!!!


  4. John Willabay

    The Tea Party is comprised of the True Patriots of our Nation. Great work!!

  1. 1 Tea Party Back on the Streets! « Dan Maloney for Congress

    […] For more on the Tea Party rally go here. […]

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