Dallas Tea Party Responds to Keith Olbermann Smear

Keith Olbermann has a problem with diversity.  Unfortunately for him he picked the wrong movement!

Here’s some more for ya ya big Bigot!

MSNBC, the Ivory Snow Network in another racist FAIL!

Oh, and while we’re at it , Keith, how about an apology and a correction for your smear of James O’Keefe?

Cuz You can’t seem to get anything right!

Update: Olbermann declines the invite!


  1. Greg Celi

    I’d like to give an “AMEN” to Apostle Claver and Deneen Borelli for two great speeches.

    I would also like to thank the Nassau Tea Party for posting the Dallas Tea Party meeting, it was awesome.

    Greg Celi

  2. donna schratwieser

    How awesome was that! Does anyone know if Keith O. has seen this??? have we sent it to Fox? Way to go Dallas Tea Partiers!!!!

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