Tea Party Spreads to Britain. No End In Sight!

Daniel Hannan, Minister to the European Parliament from Britain, will be speaking at Britain’s first Tea Party Rally on Saturday in Brighton, England!

Full story here.

We’ve written about Daniel Hannan before, even suggesting we make him an honorary American.

He suggests that Brits join The Freedom Association!

Lets send this man a Gadsden Flag and sign him up!

His comment:

Oh, and this being England, we’ll be serving actual, you know, tea.

The Long Island Tea Party Snowman sent his best wishes!


  1. Maude

    Welcome to the Tea Party. When your movement was reported on the nightly news, I was so excited. It is heartwarming to know that others outside the US are aware of the threat we are under. Don’t Quit.

  2. Catherine Tenek

    Are you collecting donations for the Gadsden Flag. Do you have a address you can pass on.

  3. jo ann betts

    GO brits….like George Washington said…Victory or Death!!!! SILENT NO MORE

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