Brighton Tea Party Packed to the Rafters!

Daniel Hannan and our British Cousins had a resounding success with their first Tea Party in the UK!

Over three hundred people filled the rooms to overflowing!  Alas, no tea was served, nor scones, and no tea was dumped in the channel.  There were none of the hand made signs so common in our own tea parties, no signs at all.  But there was certainly enthusiasm!

One participant remarks:

I was one of the 300.

It only took 300 Spartans to hold back the army of Xerxes at Thermopalaye. A small number of dedicated people can achieve great things.

Helen from Your Freedom and Ours writes:

As ever Daniel Hannan MEP gave a stonking speech. He is good like that and if there is a little repetition in what he says that is not surprising. He is making speeches like there is no tomorrow. Once again he made clever jokes, quoted everyone from Burke and the Bible to Maynard Keynes. People were nodding, smiling, listening intently and applauding…

He spoke eloquently of the control the executive in this country exercises over the budget as opposed to the situation in the United States…

Then he reminded us that the American tea parties, including the Boston one, relied on English ideas. This is, indeed, true, as are the various references he made to contemporary British politicians who supported the Americans (whom they viewed as British, really) against the monarchy. We can call these ideas Anglospheric and it is a tragedy that they seem to be dying out in the mother country. Mr Hannan’s call for them to be reclaimed is entirely to be approved of…

Then we had a good deal of Mr Hannan’s own subject – localism and the need to push power down as far as possible, the need to have local governments raising their own funds and making their own decisions, the need to reconnect politics with people…

Read her whole report here!

I’d say the tea party movement in the UK had a successful start.  Now if they can keep the momentum going and spread the word we could see a great movement start to retake England from the clutches of the European Union!

More here.

A more contrarian view is here.

Reaction to the British Tea Party.


  1. Thanks very much to linking to my report. What I tried to explain was that this was not really a tea party but a hugely successful fringe event at the Conservative Party’s Spring Conference. I explain the process whereby the British political establishment, of whome Daniel Hannan is a shining example, has been able to muscle in on such things as the blogosphere and, now, the tea party movement. Hannan is a Conservative politician and his aim was to rally the slightly despondent Conservatives as well as sending the message that people should vote for his party. It was a stonking speech but that is what it said. Please try to understand this.

    • nycoordinator

      Helen, I certainly understand in general, though some of your terms may not translate into American english quite the same way as they are understood in the UK.

      Every movement has to start somewhere and capture the imagination of the people. It may turn out that in the UK it dies aborning, but it has to be given a chance.

      Some of the early tea parties in the US also had minor politicians as their impetus, but the public notice didn’t come about until the Rick Santorum rant on CNN. Thereafter the movement started growing like crazy.

      We also had a pretty traumatic start to the Obama presidency with bills being rushed through Congress which all seemed to be determined to impose socialistic controls over the entire US economy. In the UK you haven’t had a single event like that to trigger the populace. Like the old adage about boiling a frog, we were shoved into a boiling pot. You’ve been in the pot with the heat slowly rising.

      If you think that it would be better if the politicians were not involved, and I can certainly understand that, then find like minded folks and start your own tea party. It is the personal initiative that drives the American Tea Party movement.

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