Charlie Rangel: Will He or Won’t He? The World Wonders

The icon of Democrat corruption in Congress has been the subject of dueling news stories Monday evening.

Will he or won’t he give up his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee?

Has the teflon coating of the Democrat party in New York peeled off his bilious hide?

Here is how Rangel treats anyone trying to question him about his improprieties:

With glaring transgressions on so many fronts the question should be “When are you resigning from Congress, Charlie?”

Thank God there is a good man, Michael Faulkner, running against him this year! It’s time for a fresh, honest change!

More coverage here.


  1. RH

    Check this link for video of Mr. Faulkner addressing CSA in Plainview He brought the house down!

  2. Mickey

    My Gut feeling is that he will “give it up” !!!

    Things are getting too hot for him, and he will go yelling and screaming about it being a RACIST PLOT, but he will finally have nmo choice since even members of the Black Caucus are demanding he be removed from the Chaimanship.

    In my estimation he shaopuld be removed from the entire House of Representatives for his many transgressions which have neen mounting over the many years he has served. (or should I say…. Self Served !!!).

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