Montana Tea Party Demonstrates How To Cut A Budget!

Tea Party Patriots were out in force in Billings, Montana, on Wednesday to demonstrate the type of budget cutting they would like to see!  They held their Cut The Budget Tea Party on the steps of the State Capitol while lawmakers were inside debating the budget.

First the old fashoned way:

then the way most Tea Party Patriots would like to see!

Here’s the video of Henry Kriegel of the Bozeman Tea Party addressing the crowd.

He mentions the Declaration of Tea Party Independence which you can read here.

Read the whole report here.

And here’s a picture of a Montana Tea Party march from last year:


  1. Gerald

    God bless everyone that is taking the time to defend what God gave the Founding Fathers who passed it on…Americans must unite to defeat the “Tyrants in Washington” and restore America’s Greatness…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”The American Way”…The only way…

    Keep doing God’s work…

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