Ed Mangano Starts Cutting Government Spending

The newly elected Nassau County Executive revealed today his plans to fill the budget gap.

With the repeal of the onerous home heating tax, imposed by the previous Democrat executive and legislature, other ways of balancing the county revenues against the county expenses had to be found.  Ed Mangano laid out a series of budget cuts and personnel reductions to cut expenses and bridge the gap.

While more specifics about the cuts will be provided in the future, we think he has taken a giant step forward in breaking the county’s propensity to tax, tax, tax.

More here, here and here.


  1. Mickey

    Kudos for Mangano for proposing cuts and further reducing payroll.

    His efforts in time will bear fruit. Let’s give him that time to see just how it will effect the financial situtation.

    Of course the Democrats will fire salvos of “It will never work” because of the old political game both parties play over the decades.

    I suggest the Democrats start working “WITH” Mangano instead of finding fault so early in the process. We “Tea Party Patriots” will no longer tolerate any more political gamesmanship from either party and suggest both start working for the “PEOPLE” of Nassau County instead of for the “PARTY”

    (Please take note Joe Mondello and Judy Jacobs !!!!)


  2. Donald

    How do you guys like Mangano now that the NIFA has seized control of Nassua’s finances?

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