In Search Of….Carolyn McCarthy Again

Tea Party Patriots gathered outside the offices of Carolyn McCarthy again today in hopes of catching a fleeting glimpse of their congresswoman.

Disgusted with McCarthy’s failure to listen to her constituents in any meaningful way, a gauntlet was thrown down and a debate challenge was made:

Delivering the Invitation:


  1. Is McCarthy a real person? I think she’s just a figment of our imaginations. Or perhaps an animatron built by the DNC…..Oh where, Oh where can our Carolyn be, Oh Where, Oh where can she be??????????

  2. J Rohrs

    McCarthy was always a one-trick candidate: gun control. Now she’s betrayed New York (along with Schumer and his sock puppet Gilly), betrayed her constituents, and helped Obama shred the Constitution. VOTE HER OUT!

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