Tea Party Alamo – Washington DC 03-20-10

Tea Party Patriots commandeered buses, jumped in their cars, on trains and planes to rush to Washington this past weekend for the Code Red Rally.

Project Shining City captured much of the speech action:

John Voight speech:

TaxUsLess captured some great short candid scenes.

Thousands of patriots heading to their representatives’ offices:

And a loud scene inside the Rayburn office building:

Some Democrat Congressman walk the Gauntlet from Capitol to the Rayburn building:

Marooned in Marin caught the same action up close and personal:

He also caught Code Pink’s Suzie Benjamin trying to crash the rally:

The Silent Majority also spotted themarxist in the crowd and got assaulted for her temerity in filming them:

By afternoon the battle lines were plainly drawn:

The protests continued into Sunday afternoon as Congress met:

And by the end of the day 219 congress critters had voted for the destruction of the United States.

Marooned in Marin has more here. and here.

AmericasAngels has more photos and video here.

Coyote Blog has the snarky photo of the day!

Getting Ready for the New Healthcare Regime



    Unfortunately, like the Alamo, the good guys lost the battle. However, as history has taught us, one battle does not decide the war. The Texans lost at the Alamo. Later, they won at San Jacinto. Ultimately, they won the war for independence from Mexico.

    In the war to preserve liberty and the American dream, we have lost this battle by a very slim margin. But, just like the Alamo, the enemy has suffered a serious delay. We now will go on and win the war.

  2. Well said John… We may have lost this battle, but will win the war.

    This is a battle to the end … We will not lie down and will continue to fight to restore liberty to the citizens of this Great Country. America is a strong country and that is because of her Patriot citizens.

    I am confident we will win…


    Judy Pepenella

  3. I kept yelling for them to jump, when one of the rats came out of their hole onto the balcony, but they didn’t. They are spineless and don’t have the backbone to face we the people!

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    […] More Code Red Rally coverage here! […]

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