Tea Party Patriots Join Freeport Citizens Protest

Members of Long Island Tea Party groups joined with residents of Freeport to protest the mayor’s plan to locate a new incinerator in the village to burn waste trucked out from New York City.

Dozens of Freeport citizens were unable to enter the packed meeting room and congregated on the steps and sidewalk outside.

Bryan Korman of the Rockville Centre Tea Party Patriots writes:

This quality of life issue would effect every resident on the south shore of Long Island with parades of garbage trucks on Sunrise highway, and hundreds of garbage barges floating through our waterways.

Mickey Clark also of the RVC Tea Party  said:

We were contacted by residents and business leaders of the Freeport area as well as residents and business leaders from Villages contiguous to Freeport to help in opposing the construction and placement of an “Incinerator” in Freeport whose purpose would be to “BURN NEW YORK CITY’S GARBAGE.”

Among the other groups present were the Nassau County Civic Association, Individuals United for Freedom, the Nassau Queens 912 group and the Merrick Tea Party.

News12 has a report here.

Newsday has a report here.


  1. Mickey

    It is also important to mention, all though it WAS NOT mentioned in the media reports about the Rally/Protest, that the Tea Party Patriots were there in Freeport supporting the many residents, who just so happened to be Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasion. It was a tremendous blend of AMERICANS who were there because Government was NOT LISTENING to their objections to the INCINERATOR project.
    The Media is quick to report false rumors about Bigotry, Predjudice, and racial division, however fails for some reason to mention Americans of all colors marching shoulder to shoulder, to protest Government running roughshod over their rights as citizens.
    It was certainly a heart warming event to see how Americans CAN work together in harmony against “Out of control” government.

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