Tea Party Express Reflecting All America

A new member of the tea party movement raps about his introduction to the constitution and the tea party movement!

Our friend El Marco has traveled with the Tea Party Express from Searchlight, Nevada through Denver, Colorado, and files this excellent report.

The Teaparty Movement, The Democrat Party, Racism and Incitement!

After a massive kickoff rally in Searchlight, Nevada, the Tea Party Express III is winding its way across America. They are received by large rallies of Tea Party patriots in city after city along the way. The three bus, 43 city tour arrives in Washington DC this week for a mega-rally on tax day April 15th.

Recent polls show that the Tea Party movement has bipartisan support. Despite a year-long stream of hate speech and lies from the mainstream media and Democrat officials, 63% of Americans say their views are closer to the Teaparty’s than to the President’s.

The mainstream media, in lockstep with the Administration, has gone to the gutter in their effort to brand this important movement as a pack of howling racists.

Read the whole thing here!


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