Tea Party Express In New York State

Buffalo Reports

The Tea Party Express III arrived in New York State this morning and was greeted by hundreds in Buffalo!

A few counter protesters showed up, but they had no effect on the rally.

More pictures here.  Media reports here and here.

More media reports here and here.

Two Candidates for NY Governor spoke

Warren Redlich

Carl Paladino – will supply link when available

Syracuse Reports

Then they were off to Syracuse where another huge crowd awaited!

Again a few counter protesters had no effect on the party!

The Lonely Conservative has an excellent report here!

Media report here.

Another Media report with video here.

More pictures here.

Albany Reports

The early morning rally in Albany drew a couple of hundred patriots out on a weekday morning!

Albany Conservative has a great report up with pictures and video.

Unfortunately the media wrapped much of their coverage around the Carl Paladino issues and avoided the greater issues the Tea Party Express was addressing.

Media reports are here, here and here.

A photo gallery (which also features some of the few counter protesters) is here.

Here’s a short video of the union supported counter protesters.  Notice the inflatable rat in the background just in case you didn’t think union management is organizing the pathetic opposition.

Socialist Party Infiltrators in Albany!


  1. Thanks for the link! What a crazy day. Only one Obamabot looking for trouble that I found. I think most people ignored the ill dressed fella. Hopefully I can find a few extra minutes to post the video I took. The kids loved Lloyd Marcus! I loved that they were singing “Freedom isn’t free” for the rest of the night!

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