Middletown Tax Day Tea Party 2010

The first Tea Party hit Middletown in the heart of Orange County on April 17th, and what a party it was!

Hundreds of patriots lined both sides of Route 211 to protest the bad decisions and policy coming out of Washington.

And once again there are no shortage of solutions to the nations ills!

If I were Congressman Hinchey, who has lorded it over this district for many years, I would be afraid, very very afraid!

Congressional Candidate George Phillips, who will throw Hinchey out in November, stopped by to visit with his constituents.

He was joined by visiting Congressional Candidate Dan Maloney from Long Island who came to lend support.

It’s a shame Congressman Hinchey does not feel comfortable enough with his constituents to even meet with them and discuss the programs he is ramming down their throats.The response to the Tea Party Patriots was overwhelmingly positive.  The supportive horn honking was deafening in its intensity.  The Orange/Sullivan 912 Group did an outstanding job organizing and planning the rally.

Sheryl, one of the organizers said:

It was an amazing day.  We were overwhelmed by the turnout and  all the patriotic folks. The news reported the number at 500!  We were energized by the amount of horns we heard honking in support. It was incredible…they didn’t stop honking.  They say every “honk” is like a person standing with us..so we had lots more people standing on the  side of the road with us!!  What fun it was to see everyone’s signs (some very clever signs!) and the flags waving.  We were quit a memorable sight to behold!

Jennie of Citizens 4 Freedom said:

We were energized!  The response from the cars passing by and honking for us made all of us feel all is not lost.  One fellow Patriot said, “It warms my heart!”  It gave people chills to see the Gathering of Eagles, all of the flags, the red, white and blue.  To see this, one is a witness to the true love for this country that is so strong in each and every one of us.  We gathered the young, the old, the veterans and many families, all coming together to stand for freedom.  It has given us the boost we need to go forward.  It will be a hard and grueling fight to return our country to it founding principles.  “We must vote them out”, as we chanted today at the rally.

News12 Hudson Valley had this report:

An outstanding day in great company!

For more pictures go here and here.

A media report is here.  They should get some math skills, they are far off the mark in the numbers who attended.

Gardiner’s Right posted a great video!


  1. bill westerfeld

    Bravo, to our Middletown Patriots, who stood in the cold, to take back our great country, one VOTE at a time

  2. mary beth martorana

    I’m with you guys!!!!! Things have to change!!

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