Socialist Party Operatives Hand Out Fake Tea Party Literature in Albany

During the Tea Party Express stop in Albany on April 13th, operatives of the Socialist Party handed out literature supposedly from a group called Tea Party USA.

Here is a scanned image of that flyer provided by John, a Tea Party Patriot who attended the rally:

A little searching around the internet showed that there is no group identifying itself as Tea Party USA.

However, there ARE links to the SP USA National Office Staff and one of those links leads to this:

Someone at the Socialist Party doctored up one of their own flyers by cutting and pasting “Tea”, “TP USA” and “Social Responsibility” over sections to camouflage a socialist manifesto as a Tea Party document.

Amatuerish and incredibly crude, one wonders how they could have expected to fool anyone.  Or was their intent to disgust any potential new member that may have thought the literature was real?

The person handing out the flyers was nice and polite, and most people probably stuck them in their pockets without a glance.  Which is why he wasn’t confronted at the event.

But operations like these show that it is wise to be alert to anyone handing out literature that you haven’t approved beforehand.


  1. Evan, NYC

    Ha! That’s awesome. By-the-way, he was not trying to recruit socialists, that would be silly because you’re not going to find them at a TEA party event. Nor is he trying to attribute Socialist Party USA positions to the TEA party movement, but the pamphlet mash-up is cute though.

    “Identify potentially revolutionary classes of people whose frustration and resources are currently not being channeled into anything positive… Seek common cause with them—what can you offer each other?” –old anarchist proverb

    Have you noticed that most of the positions in the pamphlet are not incompatible with the principals of this movement? He is broaching the idea of a common cause.

    With a socialist! What common cause?

    I think most TEA party supporters have learned that neither the Democrats or the GOP have the interests of the middle class in mind and that electing one or the other won’t improve their conditions. And, that what’s needed is a fundamental change in the scope and function of government.

    “No oppressed group has ever been liberated except by its own organized efforts to overthrow its oppressors.” –Socialist Party USA

    An agreement on the necessity of fundamental, nay, radical, (that means going to the root) change is the common cause he want’s to highlight, the particulars are mere detail.

  2. I was at the Albany TPE event. I saw a few people infiltrate the event, but there were so many law enforcement officers there they kept them at bay. One man with a sign against FOX News was spoken to nicely by one of the men on the bus. Turned out he was for the same things as us Tea Party People and didn’t know it.

    I wasn’t given any literature other than for the next TP event in Albany. Maybe they were afraid of the itsy bitsy dog I had with me that was smiling from ear to ear when the music came on.

  3. I guess when threatened, some will do anything. Proves to me who the better party is! Their tactics are weak and only shows their own ignorance.

  4. Sid Sutherland

    It must be the goal of the ruling elete to smear and defame the tea party at any costs. Just look at the book “The Tea Party Manifesto” this is a book that says we should pray and read the constitution… I say “Your can pray for potatoes but you had better reach for the hoe” The author also says that Ronald Regan is his hero… but lets not forget that the national debt grew more with Regan than the previous 4 presidents combined! Many wolves in sheeps clothing.

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