Tea Party Insurrection in New York – Victory!

The first major clash of the Tea Party movement in New York in the insurrection to overthrow Democrat control of our federal representation is on!

Gary Berntsen, American Hero and Tea Party candidate, is pushing the Republican party to nominate him to run against the incumbent statist Charles Schumer.

Gary, who had previously been endorsed by Tea Party groups on Long Island to run against congressman Tim Bishop, decided to take on the bigger challenge when it became apparent that the Republican party had no candidate with the visibility, credentials and popular support to take on the Schumer machine.

Tea Party groups from across New York State are joining to demonstrate their support outside the convention at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City today.  We will have more information as it becomes available.

Here is some background on today’s action.   More here.

Gary’s website is here.

Here is an interview Gary did on Hardball where he describes the final acts of the war in Afghanistan when they tried to get Osama Bin Laden:

Another interview on the subject of the CIA case officers killed in the suicide bombing in Afghanistan:

Gary wrote the book Jawbreaker about the hunt for Bin Laden.

Update 1pm

Over 100 Tea Party Patriots have entered the convention while a crowd of more than 200 are outside.  Not bad for a workday!

Update 2:30 pm

Nominations are about to be read.  Lots of chants on the outside!

Right Wing-Nut has some photos.

The Daily News has a report and video:

They also have a video interview with Carl Paladino at the convention:


Gary got 63% of the vote!
He IS our candidate!

There will still be a primary, but the outcome of that is certain.
Schumer is going down!!

Excellent Gary quote:

No one is invincible, every contest is determined by the two combatants. He’s not going to like running against me.”

Lohud News said:

Berntsen, a crowd favorite who was flocked by many vocal backers — some wearing yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirts…


Chuck Schumer’s seat is now in play!

More here and here (video)!

Photos here if you have a Facebook account.

Jihadi Killer v. Pantywaist, War Hero takes on New Mission!


  1. Charles Curran

    Anybody with the ‘Balls’ to take on ‘Chuckie’ deserves all the support that we can give. Count me in.

    • nycoordinator

      Gary certainly has them.
      Most people look forward to debates between candidates.
      I’m looking forward to the “Cage Match” myself!
      Gary will take chuckie to the cleaners!

    • tim maguire

      Maybe so, but it’s wasted resources. Schumer has that seat for as long as he wants it. He will leave through death or retirement, not the ballot box.

      • nycoordinator

        That’s what they thought about Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts too.
        How’d that work out for them?

  2. Great!

    Put this site on your website – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

    and remind people about what Schumer is doing.

  3. Mark

    Question: is Nora an unbiased journalist or a bitchy lib?

    I know the answer. Do you?

  4. What a lying little girl. If the US goes in with forces as available, Geo. Bush is a Satan who deliberately let Osama get away.

    If the US builds up forces and logistics for months and Osama escapes in the meantime to Waziristan, he’s a dunce.

    Meanwhile, old Gar’ here doesn’t tell us if he shoved a M-9 up the guys nose and asked politely where Osama was…. Hmmm. Well, I understand: they’re persecuting the waterboarders, Gar’ here would have understood that dynamic and have been too scared to act.

    • nycoordinator

      Heh, I don’t think Gary would be scared to do anything he needed to.
      You obviously don’t know him.

  5. Sean

    The New York GOP would rather sabotage someone than let them get a piece of the little bit of power the insider cronies have heretofore amassed.

    There will never again be a GOP presence in New York. Never.

  6. Joseph DeLuna

    I attended the Republican State Convention and I think that if the Party is going to be Swayed by the TEA Party Movement Then “We The People” Must be vocal, active and with resolve engage the Committee People there and State that “It Is Not Business as usual!” Conservative Candidates and not RINOS are to be Vetted and nominated for the “People’s Seats” from now on! This cannot be done by an absent tee electorate tho. Today was a good start. Patriots Let’s get the lead out and get our Country back!

  7. VanZorge

    i see quite a bit of skepticism on this thread – but, take heart..
    if we were able to elect chris christie here in NJ, then NY should be able to shake schumer!!

    people have to get involved, they have to get enthusiastic and they have to get out and shake things up. i am looking forward to attending some of the bernsten rallies

    • Joseph DeLuna

      Get out in the streets with your pots and spoons and start making a lot of noise Patriots! Get the Vote out Get Down to the Republican and Democrat State Conventions and Speak Your Mind! They are waiting from you. If not the Convention then the Headquarters in your district! Rally around the Conservative Candidate! If no Candidate Scream Bloody murder that “We The People” Should have one! Task Our Parties, Our TEA Party Movement, And Ourselves!
      The Game is Afoot Patriots, Let’s Have At It!

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