Lefty Thug Curses Holocaust Survivor

The unhinged left at work again:

Here is the full video:

This video was taken at the Stop the Mosque protest on 8/22 near Ground Zero.

For more on the protest go here.


  1. Joe

    You will notice it doesn’t matter the old man’s age or his condition the lefty has no remorse. The unfeeling arrogance. He represents why the left is such a great danger to this country. Had I seen this I would guarantee you it would have ended a lot quicker. May God bless the old gentlemen.

  2. Maria D'Alessandro

    there is a lot I would like too say, but right now I have tears in my eys for the Holocaust Surivior. May god bless him and all true Americans

  1. 1 AAR: Ground Zero Mosque Protest 08-22-10 « Gathering of Eagles: NY

    […] Update:  Lefty Thug Curses Holocaust Survivor! […]

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