Tea Party Patriots Falsely Accused

The Republican Primary Race in Nassau’s 4th Congressional District has taken an ugly turn.

The Frank Scaturro campaign has filed false charges of forgery against the Tea Party volunteers who gathered signatures for long time Tea Party activist Dan Maloney in an attempt to force him off the ballot.

Other Tea Party activists are disgusted at the blatant thug tactics by the candidate who proclaims himself to be the “honest new face” of the Republican Party.

Some questioned Scaturro’s attempts to distance himself from Arlen Specter, the turncoat senator from Pennsylvania, with whom he coauthored a book.  Adding to the speculation is the fact that at least one former Specter staffer is an official in the Scaturro campaign.

Others questioned Scaturro’s frequent Washington fund raising events and the fact that a large percentage of his friends on Facebook are residents of Washington, DC, and its vicinity.

Like Dede Scozzafava of NY 23 infamy, Scaturro is backed by the NRCC which has been notoriously prone to backing less conservative candidates.

The question arises which is the real Scaturro?  The one who professes to be a conservative republican, or the one who uses Democrat tactics to try to exclude a tested Tea Party candidate from the ballot?  Could we end up with another Lindsey Graham?


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