Dump the Dems 09-23-10 Report

It was the perfect evening to call on the citizens of New Hyde Park to Dump the Taxman Johnson!

Forty patriots turned out to protest in front of Craig Johnson’s headquarters during its Grand Opening!

They plastered the windows over with signs so no one inside would realize they were outnumbered by the crowd outside!

We had a blast chanting “Throw the Bums Out!” and singing renditions of “The Tax Man”.

More pictures here! and here!


  1. bobdin

    I was a good rally as it turned out. I especially took notice at the police response. They really were there because they were called by Johnson’s people, even thought they said no. I guess the Johnson staff are afraid of competition. As a retired ranking cop with 30 years of service, I can say they where trying to stay out of the political fray while on duty in uniform. If they were looking to be hard they could have given parking tickets instead of warnings. I am still active in the law enforcement community and would say a majority of cops will not vote for Johnson.

  2. Rosalie Hanson

    I have Craig Johnson’s “Twin brother” out here in Suffolk County,
    Brian X Foley.

    Both of them are tax and spend liberals who voted in favor of the Job-killing, tax-increasing MTA payroll bailout tax.

    Vote out the bums !!

  1. 1 Video from Dump the Dems Rally 09-23-10 « Nassau TEA Party

    […] To see the rest of the coverage go here! […]

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