Voter Intimidation: The Obama Administration as co-conspirators

The New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation case, although dismissed on orders of the Obama administration, has resurfaced as a major issue leading into the 2010 mid term elections.

On election day, 2008, two members of the New Black Panther party, one armed with a billy club,  stationed themselves outside a polling place in Philadelphia, PA, and hurled epitaphs at voters who dared to approach.  The whole scene was captured on video and was the basis for a lawsuit by the voting rights section of the Department of Justice.

Here is my report filed on that day with videos of the event.

Here is my report on the Justice Department decision to dismiss a case it had already won!

Bartle Bull, a civil rights activist, was present at the original event and describes it and his reaction to the dismissal here.

Then a former Department of Justice lawyer blew the whistle on the political motivation of the Eric Holder led Department of Justice dismissal of the case!

Yesterday, another senior Department of Justice lawyer testified to the facts behind the dismissal of the case and the culture of bias against white citizens in applying the voter rights laws!

The importance of this case cannot be exaggerated.  If we are all not equal under the law then the law is meaningless.  Since our entire nation is built upon faith in the law then the foundation of our country is undermined.

How far up this scandal will lead is anybody’s guess.

The New York Post posted a short report today.

The Washington Times has an excellent editorial here.

Keep following this case because the outcome will decide the future of our nation.

Here’s a little more background on the New Black Panther Party:


  1. Louise Strauss

    Unless the media in this country again becomes real journalists reporting the information and facts honestly and without bias we wil not find real justice. Real justice demands honesty and truth and only a handful offer it. Unfortunately some are too apathetic to seek it or it is not common knowledge again because of our media. How many have heard of the CATO Institute and other think tanks that offer a true analysis of events.

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