Why we support Fran Becker for Congress

Because, at heart, Fran Becker is one of us.  He is a local boy.  He knows what is at stake.  He is willing to take the fight to the Democrats in Congress.

Listen to his remarkable speech before the Conservative Society for Action last Thursday.

It is time to lend our full support to defeat Carolyn McCarthy!

Donate here!

Fran’s website is here.

If you want to hear Fran speak in person, please attend his fundraiser:

When: Thursday, October 14th 6pm to 9pm

Where:  Hempstead Golf & Country Club, 60 Front St, Hempstead, NY

Donation:  $200 per ticket

We also need volunteers for the phone banks!

Where:  Becker for Congress Headquarters, 173 Earle Ave, Lynbrook, NY

When:  Starting Oct 18th, every Monday thru Thursday starting at 10am


  1. Hilary Becker

    Thanks for all your help and posting this video!!

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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