Lefties Protest Hearings on Radical Islam – Tea Party Responds

The usual suspects of lefty politics, including the Democrat Party, called for a protest outside the offices of Congressman Peter King today.

Tea Party patriots and other groups turned out in support of the Congresman.

The issue is hearings before the Homeland Security Committee on Radical Islam in America.  The Lefties want to paint anyone who favors those hearings as racists.  The Tea Partiers want to take prudent measures to investigate agitation and coercion within the Muslin community in the U.S..  For thirty and more years the moderate Imams of America have been targeted by the radical Wahhabi and other Islamic sects.  A number have been murdered or forced to turn over their congregations over the years to the radicals.  An investigation is long past due.

More photos here!

Videos are below the break

Pro Hearings:

Anti Hearings:

And finally a failure to communicate:


  1. Mickey

    I attended the Rally for Pete King !!!

    The “Code Pinkers” and “Shalom Group” today Reminded me of the Marxist groups of the 60s and 70s called the “Women’s Strike For Peace”, and “SDA” who were Communist front Organizations who heckled us as we returned home from Vietnam. The Protesters today were even using the same rhetoric and songs of the “Peace at any Price” loons of yesteryear. It was like Deja Vous !!!!

  1. 1 Rep King hearings on radical Islam draw rival protests | Liberty Rocks

    […] reports, eyewitnesses, and photographic evidence all indicate that pro-King supporters matched or outnumbered the […]

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