NPR: Hoist by its own Petard, Fire Schiller Now!

Ron Schiller, the infamous NPR executive, skewered Juan WIlliams because Juan made statements, that Schiller claims, would have destroyed his credibility with groups he may have to cover.

Yet Schiller goes on to do the very same thing.  He has made derogatory statements that defame and insult a very large segment of the American population and has effectively destroyed his and NPR’s credibility with that segment.

If it was a firing offense for Williams to express the merest concern about his safety in the situation he described, then it is equally a firing offense for Ron Schiller to blatantly call Tea Party patriots racists, scary, evangelicals, etc…

He is no less a representative of NPR than Juan Williams was.

Will NPR decide to mete out equal justice for comparable thought crimes?

Will Ron Schiller be terminated effective immediately?  Or will he be put in paid leave status until his new gig starts?

Hardly likely they will fire a fellow traveller, but we will wait and see.

Note:  Some people are reporting that Schiller has been fired.  That is incorrect.  There is no such statement at the NPR website.  He is still getting paid and will do so until May unless they explicitly fire him.

Update:  Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR has resigned effectively immediately!  Well she did ask for someone to provide evidence of bias at NPR!

Update 2:  Ron Schiller has now resigned from the Aspen Institute where he was scheduled to go work in May.  The NPR Debacle Continues!

Update 3: Is PBS next?


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