David Bellavia on Barack Obama and Libya

“When a president is so detached from vital world affairs, so intent on fiddling while the Middle East burns, I know it is time to act. We need a House of Representatives that will push President Obama even harder to lead — not follow — in global affairs,”

“My opponents Jane Corwin and Kathy Hochul have been silent on foreign policy, perhaps because they have never traveled to another country except as tourists. I have seen the world as it really is, and I believe the United States should lead the world’s democracies in supporting freedom and democracy in Libya and other Middle Eastern nations,” he added. “We should be helping Libyan citizens remove the brutal Qaddafi regime, but we cannot stop there. We need to ensure that after Qaddafi’s departure, adequate planning and resources are available to establish freedom and civil rights for the citizens of Libya.”

Learn more about David Bellavia here!

Let’s Roll


  1. In case readers DON’T know this man is a living breathing HERO who is STILL willing to fight for our beloved country. Men like David have NOT been in power since JFK and look where we are now. Perhaps it’s time for a more drastic change than one politician to another. Remember it was a DAVID that slew Goliath. God bless America and here’s a rock David!

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