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Tuesday, May 21, Noon

Internal Revenue Service Offices


Sorry for the confusion.

107 Charles Lindbergh Blvd

Garden City.


Near the Cradle of Aviation Museum


Has the news that the IRS was deliberately discriminating against conservative and religious voters infuriated you?

Join us at Noon on Tuesday, May 21st to protest outside local IRS offices.

Further information to follow.

Discrimination is Un-American

Voter Suppression is Un-American

The IRS is Un-American


The central figure in the looming IRS scandal, Lois Lerner, gave a speech early in 2012 at a the Charity Law Conference in Toronto, Canada.

This video excerpts relevant portions of that speech to demonstrate how decisions were made and who participating in those decisions in her group.

Every member of those groups who participated in decisions over the past 6 years should be deposed as to what they know.

Every working plan she created and the notes leading up to those plans should be subpoenaed.

This scandal extends far beyond the oft stated 75 groups the media is quoted, there are thousands of groups that did not file for 501(c)4 status because they heard of the onerous reporting requirements the IRS was imposing.  A class action lawsuit should be commenced immediately on behalf of those who were suppressed by the actions of the IRS.

The full video of her speech can be found at