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Minnesotans for Global Warming presents:  Drill Baby Drill

Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot gives the most important lecture on the solar origin of climate change and global warming yet.

The bottom line is that the variability of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is more than sufficient to cause whatever climate change we have witnessed.  Listen to the whole thing for an excellent education in climate and the dangers of pursuing what are considered heretical studies contrary to the Global Warning theocracy!

Hat tip:  Watts Up With That

Here is an example of solar variability with side by side images of the sun just two years apart!



Beyond what was released in the short video by the ProjectVeritas, there is much more in the complete video they posted at their site.

Here are some excerpts from the longer video.

Topics include: Pamela Geller, Data Mining, Global Warming, Climate Change, Obama’s Birth Certificate

Go watch the whole thing!

James Corbett of Climategate TV has put together a great recap of climategate and the resulting fallout over the past year!

It is a damning indictment of the entire Global Warming/Climate Change movement.