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A gentleman and citizen legislator, Bob Turner speaks with frankness and humility to his crowds of supporters last night.

Quick with an easy smile and a joke, Bob Turner is one of the most refreshing candidates I have had the pleasure to meet.

Some interesting video from the election HQ last night:

Mayor Koch and Assemblyman Dov Hikind speak at Bob Turner Victory Party:

We Won!!!
How’s them Apples, Schumer and Weiner?
Tea Parties Rock this town!

Today is Election Day for the 9th Congressional District!

Bob Turner is narrowly ahead in the polls and the scent of victory is in the air!

Although played down in the campaign, Tea Party Patriots from all the Tea Party groups on Long Island and New York City have been in the thick of the action!

Today we walked the district, put out lawn signs, made telephone calls, made donations, etc…, just as we have done throughout the campaign.

As the afternoon wore on we were even called on for traffic control for the small forest of news media trucks that began to sprout in the small parking lot between the campaign office and the Roma View where the election results will be announced!

Inside the Roma View:

As we left the moon rose and the media kept arriving!


We have a unique opportunity to send a profound message to Obama and the free spending Democrats in Washington next month!

Help get Bob Turner elected to replace Anthony Weiner the Sext perv!

Here’s video from Bob Turner’s appearance at a Tea Party meeting this week:

Business Man, Tea Party Patriot, Conservative.

Bob Turner for Congress!

The NY Post reports the Spendaholic Dems are going ‘postal’!

p.s.  This is also Chucky the Schmucky Schumer’s old seat!

More Here!

Rick Santelli hits the nail on the head once again.  Our congress needs to hold the Dems’ feet to the fire to cut spending.  No compromise, no surrender.  The time to fight this battle is now when you have the weapon in your hands.  Sorry experience has proven that you cannot trust the other side to ever honor their agreements.  If they cry that we need to compromise, ask them where the compromise was on Obamacare… ’nuff said!

In a related video the Cato Institute talks about underwhelming spending cuts proposed by Obama and Congress:

Sherry Marquelle tells Big G to watch out!

Her website is here.

Allen West delivered another barn burner of a speech at the Tea Party in Boca Raton!

The night before he greeted supporters at Ft Lauderdale Fireman’s Hall when he flew in from Washington.

It’s just that they never want to.

Hat tip: Big Journalism