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Minnesotans for Global Warming presents:  Drill Baby Drill

Our Australian cousins are fighting the same liberal mentality we are in the U.S.!

Hundreds turned out in Canberra and other cities on Wednesday to protest a “Carbon Tax” which is virtually the same as the planned “Cap and Trade” tax our Democrat Congress tried to ram down our throats.

Worse, the prime minister, Julia Gillard, ran opposing the tax and is now in favor of it!

Needless to say the people are outraged!

And, naturally they are being labeled ‘extremists‘ and accused of carrying ‘offensive‘ signs, does that sound familiar?

We cheer our Australian cousins and fervently hope they are victorious!

The Protest website is here.

More pictures here and here!

More media reports here, here and here.

Hat tip:  Instapundit

Beyond what was released in the short video by the ProjectVeritas, there is much more in the complete video they posted at their site.

Here are some excerpts from the longer video.

Topics include: Pamela Geller, Data Mining, Global Warming, Climate Change, Obama’s Birth Certificate

Go watch the whole thing!

On Climate Fools Day Carolyn McCarthy did not disappoint!

While the majority of people in the United States have realized that the theory of man made Global Warming was a hoax, Carolyn McCarthy steadfastly remains true to her religious belief.

Only the hard core lefties still contend that man is changing the global environment.  Rational people are realizing that the sun is the prime mover in all climate issues effecting Earth and the rest of our Solar System.  Cap and Tax (Trade) is just a tool to gain control over every aspect of your life.

Pajamas TV host Joe Hicks looks at how the rabidly left wing environmental groups manipulate government!

These are the groups that bring us such things as:

The Eco Fascist Fantasy

Hanging little girls

Reflecting the Obama administration and liberal elite thoughts, Congressman Ed Markey, of Massachusetts, today suggested that anyone who doubted the global warming mantra go populate a new ice island near Greenland.

We can only speculate if this was after intense consultations with others who would like to see dissidents removed to severe weather locations…

“An iceberg four times the size of Manhattan has broken off Greenland, creating plenty of room for global warming deniers to start their own country,” Markey said in a statement.

Whats Up With That has the full story!

This new video from Minnesotans for Global Warming is fitting for conditions on Long Island today!

You may remember their previous smash hit:

Hide the Decline!

New video from the lads at Minnesotans For Global Warming!

And their current blockbuster: Hide the Decline!

In any rational world Cap and Tax would now be dead!

A hacker broke into a server at University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and pirated megabytes of emails, files, and other electronic evidence that point to probable fraud in the whole Global Warming/Climate Change clique of ‘scientists’.

The story broke at Watts Up With That and quickly spread across the blogosphere.

An excellent review of many of the emails is here.

Even the New York Times has a story.

And the Washington Post.

But for more on what Global WarmingGate means click here!

Update: Weather Channel founder and 30,000 scientists to sue Al Gore!!

A Rogues Gallery of the Hoax Perpetrators follows: Continue Reading »