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Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot gives the most important lecture on the solar origin of climate change and global warming yet.

The bottom line is that the variability of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is more than sufficient to cause whatever climate change we have witnessed.  Listen to the whole thing for an excellent education in climate and the dangers of pursuing what are considered heretical studies contrary to the Global Warning theocracy!

Hat tip:  Watts Up With That

Here is an example of solar variability with side by side images of the sun just two years apart!




James O’Keefe.  For his relentless pursuit and exposure of lefty organizations.  We need more like him.  Special Thanks also to all who help him in these endeavors!  Follow James at the the Project Veritas website.

Ron Schiller, the infamous NPR executive, skewered Juan WIlliams because Juan made statements, that Schiller claims, would have destroyed his credibility with groups he may have to cover.

Yet Schiller goes on to do the very same thing.  He has made derogatory statements that defame and insult a very large segment of the American population and has effectively destroyed his and NPR’s credibility with that segment.

If it was a firing offense for Williams to express the merest concern about his safety in the situation he described, then it is equally a firing offense for Ron Schiller to blatantly call Tea Party patriots racists, scary, evangelicals, etc…

He is no less a representative of NPR than Juan Williams was.

Will NPR decide to mete out equal justice for comparable thought crimes?

Will Ron Schiller be terminated effective immediately?  Or will he be put in paid leave status until his new gig starts?

Hardly likely they will fire a fellow traveller, but we will wait and see.

Note:  Some people are reporting that Schiller has been fired.  That is incorrect.  There is no such statement at the NPR website.  He is still getting paid and will do so until May unless they explicitly fire him.

Update:  Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR has resigned effectively immediately!  Well she did ask for someone to provide evidence of bias at NPR!

Update 2:  Ron Schiller has now resigned from the Aspen Institute where he was scheduled to go work in May.  The NPR Debacle Continues!

Update 3: Is PBS next?

Another investigative foray into Left Wing America came up with this expose of what the folks at NPR think.

They specifically say that NPR would be better off without government funding.

Lets grant them their wish!

More here, here and here!

The Long Beach Tea Party was host to one of the most timely meetings on foreign policy issues last week.  Iran, the Islamic Fundamentalist state has been brutally suppressing a freedom movement within their country since the fraudulent presidential elections of 2009.

Max Saatchi of Iran Focus gave an eloquent and compelling presentation calling on Tea Party members to be on the “right side of history”.  A large portion of time was spent airing the documentary Iranium, a moving condemnation of the west’s response to the mullahs’ sponsoring of international terrorism and their drive to obtain nuclear weapons.

For the presentation to be understood and judged on its merits, it is important to know who Mr. Saatchi is representing.  The organization behind the Iranian opposition is the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK).  This is their emblem which was conspicuously absent from the Long Beach meeting.

Click read more at the bottom of this posting to find out more about the MEK.

Here is the video from the meeting in two parts.  In between was the screening of Iranium.  A link to that documentary is included between the videos for your convenience.

Iranium Documentary website (Free viewing period appears to have expired)

Pictures from the event are here.

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Bill Schoolman came to the Rockville Centre Tea Party meeting on March 1st to talk about the MTA Payroll Tax.

Note: A newer video has been linked below

After his talk, many members were engrossed in conversations about the MTA.

Bill’s website is Tax Relief Now!

Photos of Bill’s MTA slideshow are here.

Photos from the RVC meeting are here.

The usual suspects of lefty politics, including the Democrat Party, called for a protest outside the offices of Congressman Peter King today.

Tea Party patriots and other groups turned out in support of the Congresman.

The issue is hearings before the Homeland Security Committee on Radical Islam in America.  The Lefties want to paint anyone who favors those hearings as racists.  The Tea Partiers want to take prudent measures to investigate agitation and coercion within the Muslin community in the U.S..  For thirty and more years the moderate Imams of America have been targeted by the radical Wahhabi and other Islamic sects.  A number have been murdered or forced to turn over their congregations over the years to the radicals.  An investigation is long past due.

More photos here!

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In a great presentation last night at the Nassau Republican Club meeting (not affiliated with the Mondello based GOP), Bill Schoolman, businesman and anti-MTA crusader laid out the case for his lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the violations of the NY State Constitution under which it was created.

Note:  Newer video is linked than the ones originally posted.

Pictures of Bill’s Slide Show are here!

Bill Schoolman’s website is Tax Relief Now be sure to check it for events and updates.  Schedule him to speak in front of your group meetings if you have an opening.

Bill has a fundraiser scheduled with the NYS Tax Relief Now organization.  Details are here!

Thank you to Martin Dekom and the Nassau Republican Club for giving this issue a forum in Nassau County!  We look for more great things from this club in the future.

In another blockbuster video, reminiscent of the ACORN scandal, undercover investigators reveal the criminal collusion of Planned Parenthood with prostitution.

Read much more here and here.

The new Planned Parenthood logo should look like this:

Is there any level to which these organizations will not sink?

Sadly, No.