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It’s just that they never want to.

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Decorated Iraq War Hero, David Bellavia, filed petitions to run for Congress in New York’s 26th Congressional District last night!

The Bellavia Brigade of volunteers and tea party activists roamed seven counties to complete the task.  Reports were coming in of folks calling all over to find where they could sign a petition before the deadline.  There is no doubt that his sound conservative beliefs and proven steadfastness under fire are qualities the people of that district admire.

Unlike his major opponents, however, David was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and could use your help!

Let’s Roll!

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The boots are on the ground and the tide is growing!

Ooops!  Insurgency strikes at Livingston County Republican Offices!

The candidate himself came to speak with constituents:

And thank old friends for helping the cause!

The lines are drawn, the troops are out, the battle joined.

When history beckons patriots respond.

Will you be able to say I gave it my all?

More photos here!

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Action Alert

Congressional Special Election
NY District 26

Bellavia for Congress Petition Drive

David Bellavia, decorated Iraq War veteran, founder of Vets for Freedom, conservative and Tea Party activist needs our help to complete his petition drive to get on the ballot in this western NY district.
Volunteers are scouring the district, sleeping in their cars, 1 star motels, etc.. getting the 7,000 signatures he needs to get safely on the ballot to run for Congress.

Getting those signatures is critical.  The deadline to turn them in is this coming Monday, March 21.

If you can take time to travel to the district to collect signatures please keep reading.  If you can’t please consider making a donation to David’s campaign here!

We will be leaving 4 am Thursday morning to make the 6 hour drive to the Southeast corner of district 26 at Dansville, NY.
>From there we will collect petition signatures in the small towns of the southern area and eventually reach the center of the district at Batavia, NY, to turn in the petitions we’ve collected.

  • Expect to spend one night in a motel/hotel.
  • There will be a lot of walking on this trip so keep that in consideration.
  • If you are a registered voter in NY (regardless of party) you can collect signatures.
  • Any registered voter who resides in the district can sign the petition.

We will return to Long Island Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Please contact:
Dan Maloney
Cell: 516-554-1235

This link has a great interview which starts with radio host, Kathy Weppner, reading the entire account of the action that led to David’s nomination for the Medal of Honor.

Click on the photo for the link to Kathy Weppner’s interview.

Kathy’s posting is here.


This goes for the GOP as well as all the rest.

The Republican and Conservative Parties made the wrong decision in New York in deciding to put money over principles in their choice for a candidate to run for the special election in the 26th Congressional District.

But it is about more than just principles.

We are in a critical stage of the American experiment.  One whose outcome will decide whether we and our descendents experience a rebirth of the uniquely American experiment in individual liberty or a slide into the tyranny of mob rule, crony capitalism, and overweaning bureacracy.  It is a dangerous time.  A time that will try men’s hearts and souls.  That will reveal or shatter their inner strengths.  That will expose their wisdom or deceit.

It is a time of war.  Both external and internal.  Enemies from without want to tear down the structures and strengths of our nation, destroy our will to lead, erode our capability to fight.  Enemies from within wish to do the same.  There is a reason for the term “enemies, foreign and domestic” that is in so many oaths of office.  Oaths that those same enemies disregard.

The signs of the internal war are manifest in the recent occupation of the state capital in Wisconsin.  Thuggery, Threats, Assaults.  The raising of mobs to intimidate lawmakers.  These tactics are the hallmark of the enemy within.

These behaviors will continue and spread, as they did to other cities around the nation, on orders of those who would undermine our civil society.  In the coming months their expression will intensify as our elected representatives fight to regain control of our national government from the clutches of the radicals who have done everything possible to destroy it.

When that mob has surrounded our representatives.  I want to be represented by men like David Bellavia, Allen West and others who have the principles, inner strength and experience to face it down and prevail against all odds.  Men and women for whom the mission is not just politics as usual.  Men and women who believe in those principles to their very core.  Men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for the future of this great nation so that it may never perish from the face of the earth.

David Bellavia is one such man.

Now go read what another great man wrote about David.

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Character, leadership and the Military


Bill Schoolman came to the Rockville Centre Tea Party meeting on March 1st to talk about the MTA Payroll Tax.

Note: A newer video has been linked below

After his talk, many members were engrossed in conversations about the MTA.

Bill’s website is Tax Relief Now!

Photos of Bill’s MTA slideshow are here.

Photos from the RVC meeting are here.

With the resignation of Congressman Chris Lee over tawdry allegations, a new opportunity has arisen to get a true Conservative War Hero elected to Congress to represent New York!

David Bellavia, Iraq War Veteran, Medal of Honor nominee, Silver and Bronze Star recipient, founding member of Vets for Freedom, and author of the book “House to House”, was a candidate in 2008 before the rise of the Tea Party movement.  He is NOT a politician.  He was a newcomer to politics and his campaign was derailed by the Rhino Republican insiders in western New York.

He’s Back!

David Bellavia, who spoke at CPAC in 2008, has thrown his hat into the ring to replace Chris Lee in the special election.

If we are going to push the Republican Party to embrace fiscal conservatism we need to support candidates like David Bellavia who represent our values!

More here!

Donations for David’s campaign can be made at Iraq Vets for Congress!

Here’s a map of NY’s 26th Congressional District: