The Nassau Tea Party represents Tea Party Patriots from across Nassau County and the surrounding area.

We grew from the consolidation of a number of smaller Tea Party groups that were scattered across the county.

Recognizing the need to consolidate for more effective communications, we formed the Nassau County Tea Party in October, 2009.

If you are a resident of Nassau County or the surrounding area and would like to subscribe to our email notification list, please click here.

If you need to contact the Nassau County Tea Party please email

  1. David Mainland

    I spoke to Dan Maloney at the demonstration outside Carolyn McCarthy’s office today regarding reserving the library auditorium in Painview for a meeting with GOOOH of NY and its national founder, Tim Cox. Mr. Maloney told me he could put me in touch with someone who could help in reserving a date at the library. If you could forward me that information, I would appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work. Pray for the miracle in Massachusetts!

  2. Catherine Tenek

    Hello my name is Catherine Tenek and I’m one of the organizers for the Suffolk County 9-12 Project and would like you to included us in your Long Island links. Thank you Catherine Tenek

  3. Please feel free to post this July 12 rally video against the gang of four in Woodbury, NY.

  4. David Dreifuss

    I would like to join and become active…thank you in advance for providing me with the requisite information to do both…

  5. Ron Felber

    How can I assist the Tea Party in my community (Plainview)?

  6. Sean

    how can i start a tea party in southampton ny ? i have 100 people ready to join up. !!!! I know there is one in East Hampton, however none in southampton, how do i start one as a pct. Captain ???

  7. John Moore

    You folks are going to split the Republican Party then who wins? Obama! You are attacking the employees of one of the best school districts in America! Who looses? Our future leaders! Do you want less police, firefighters, Then when you need help you can be put on hold! Then die! Most of you like me, are old as dirt! Think about the services you need. No, you think you no longer care about our future, but you are not yet dead or most of you are not. There are so many issues to attack in Nassau alone. Why not go after the city manager? The County has lot’s of waste too! Please, for the love of Country reunite with the mainstream Republicans! This hate you spread towards us is only going to hurt the country. Yes, I am a school board employee you wish to hurt. May God share his grace and wisdom with all of us in terrible time. It actually could be better for America if you win and most members will surly die soon from age. Now that could help America! Then at least you would have done some good! Peace and God’s blessing to you all!
    In Christ name…:
    John D. Moore

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